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Paperdoll -Hisagi

As some of you know I did a paperdoll of Kira the other year. it can be found here
Well I've been meaning to do one of Hisagi ever since, and now I've finally got around to it. When I compare it to the one I did before I realize I've gotten lazy... paperdoll-Kira looks so much better

the doll and some outfitsCollapse )

Fanart - what?? IchimaruxKira??

Ichimaru x Kira
PG- 13-ish, nudety, yaoi
"Around his troat"

oh snapCollapse )

Sitting in his lap

fandom: Bleach
character/pairs: Hisagi x Kira
warnings: PG-13-ish, yaoi, nudity, sexaul themes, etc and they are above 18 and all that shit.

to find this particular pic, clickCollapse )
to find the pic on DEVIANT ART as well as the rest of my art, click here
i found this one and thought i'd post it before, but obviously i hadn't. so here you go.

PG-13 yaoi, nudity

sleepingCollapse )


R -yaoi,nudity and somewhat of a sxx scene

why aren't there more R rated shuukira out there? why?Collapse )

i can't get rid of this cold...T_T

the last weeks i've been really busy with school work. and i've had lots of friends over to visit. and on top of that i've gotten a cold that just won't break fully out but still reamins there, lurking, making me feel crappy and trired and coughing and waking up in the middle of the night sneezing (waking poor E and her new bf up)
so thanks A for "donating" this cold to me!! it's just what i needed! really.
i've tried KanJang, i've tried garlic (and a hell of lot of it too!) but no. the cold remains.

the new Bleach chapter is out though. and it's good!! XD (definition of good in this case equals it has ponytail!Ukitake in it)

but i still got a whole lot of devils to write about for school. so life isn't that much fun. probably will have to work all weekend too.

i've got several drawings ready to scan, but haven't got around to it yet. (and i promised to get them up soon. oh, why do i make such promises when i know i won't be able to keep them?? why?) oh, well. after the weekend maybe.



i feel tired and stressed, and i have friends coming to visit me almost until the summer break. (that doesn't sound like good english, but who cares)
that's no alone time at all for another month! i've already hosted some not-so-close friends this last week. i'm already tired of having people everywhere! when will there be time for drawing yaoi or reading fanfics now? or time for just me being alone! i just want to have some nice peace and quiet. yeah, so i'm not a very social person, and this is extremely stressing, eventhough i love my friends, it's really stressing
i shouldn't have moved to a beautiful summer vacation spot. damnit!

Hisagi x Kira
PG or possibly PG-13
yaoi, somewhat nudety

is this his bedroom look?Collapse )

FANART - paper doll Kira

so this proves that i'm still a kid. or maybe that i'm just a little unwell in my head. hard to tell.

do you remember paper dolls from you childhood?Collapse )